1 – Will you Accept playlists?
Yes as the function is your party you will want to hear the music you like to hear as well as your guest we work with you to make sure your night is a special occasion.

2 – How much do you charge?
The price depends on the location the time of year and how long the event runs for that’s why we ask you to send an email or phone for us to taylor your price for your requirments.

3 – What areas do you cover?
We cover right across the south east.

4 – What music do you play?
We hold a large collection of music and all the djs keep there music up to date and they will play what ever is asked for on the night that they`re playing in.Also we carry a large collection of party music as well.

5 – Do the djs use the mic ?
The djs will use the mic through the night where needed to keep the party flowing.

6 – Does your company have public liability insurance?
Yes for 2 million pounds

7 – Is your disco equipment pat tested?
All equipment is inspected once year

8 – Are you happy to work along side bands?
Yes we would work closely with the band to make sure the night went smoothly Also when booking Elite Discos we always give a first class service its our aim to make sure your party is a success there is always a cheaper offer from other discos but if you want your special night to go down well you will always need to pay a fair price.We understand that your wedding or birthday party is important to you and that’s why we go the extra mile to make the night one to remember.Once you have booked us we then ask for a deposit and send you a contract that gives you peace of mind knowing your disco is booked we also keep in contact to make sure we have the first dance organised if its your wedding this is all important as we think working together with the client will make the night just how you want it to be.

9 – Do you issue a contract:
Yes once you have paid for your deposit which we take by card we will then send you a booking agreement within 48 hours with all your details, most clients find it comforting to have the booking in writing.

10 – How much space do you need:
I will set up enough equipment too suit the function room normally 3m x 2m is preferred.

11 – What about Marquees:
Yes as long as they are safe and waterproof and have an adequate and safe power supply to the Marquee